My name is Helle von Bargen (the first name is kind of the short Danish version of “Helena”). It used to be Helle Møller, but then it changed. I was born and raised in Denmark, but now I live in Hamburg, Germany. And my biggest obsession is American television and American politics. Yes, I am aware of the irony.

This blog is going to be my indulgence to those obsessions – but, knowing me, it’s probably going to be quite off-topic most of the time. I’ll try to use the tagging and categories system a lot, so you can avoid my boring off-topic rants as much as possible, if you’re a tv-junkie like me, and are here for the good televisiony stuff.

But in fact, if you’re reading this and you’re not my family or friends: woohoooo! Thank you for doing so! I actually didn’t think it was possible. (We’ll see).

I’m a media studies student, and the blog is devoted to cultural studies, television studies, media studies. I’m hoping to use it as a place to brainstorm research ideas and comment on other’s.

But the most important information you could possibly get from an About-me-page takes the form of a picture. Not just any picture. But a picture of my name on German Chocolate:

Do you have chocolate named after you? (“Helle” is the German word for light, but still…)