503, 2015

Favicons for personal blogs

You didn’t notice I was gone, did you? It’s the first time since 2013 that this blog receives what blogs should get as often as possible – a post.

Before I started writing this post-about-posts (sorry ’bout that), I spent a lot of time looking for possible favicon, as a (albeit very subtle) way to wake up this sleeping creature. (Agreed: the best way would have been to just write, but looking for favicons are so much more fun!).

The “Before”
This was my favicon before: 

And this was my header before: 

I didn’t like either, not at all. Possibly, I didn’t even like them […]

1503, 2013

New WordPress Theme

I changed the WordPress Theme. Now I’m using “Avada” from ThemeFusion (link will follow). The old theme was nice but I wanted more functions to experiment with, which allows me to mess up more of my website – and waste more time.

These screenshots are what the website looked like before. I really loved the custom post option “Quote” which made my quotes pretty ;-) I hope I’ll figure that out for this new theme also.

What do you think – about the current look and the ‘old’ one?

603, 2013

Pictures and Licences

So, as I just wrote in the post before this one, you’re kind of stuck with pictures taken by me, drawn by me and YouTube videos until I pull myself together and do a five minute google search about the usage of licenced pictures. (Or somebody tells me the rules?)

This post is a nice opurtunity to try out the theme’s “Gallery” format. And for you to see where I live, Hamburg, on a sunny day. (Those a rare. Very rare.) And because I really believe in the freedom of creativity and of the internet: feel free to use them in […]

603, 2013

How to get real pictures in here…

This blog is now – I think at least – very sleek and stylish looking. Waaay too stylish. Which doesn’t go well with me at all, I like when something’s a bit off, a bit crooked, lumpy at the edges. But of course, what I don’t like is to redesign a blog template from scratch – it would definitely be crooked and waaaay off, but it would also not work very well, most likely. So I’m using the freebie wordpress theme “Tetris”. It’s nice. And in deed very sleek looking. I changed the background to something a bit more “Ifoundthisatthebackofmyclosety”. […]


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