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1309, 2013


I’ve been busy, which is a good thing. Zygmunt Bauman would remind us that not being busy is a potential symptom of something truly awful. It would be a fun (because sad) post to write some time.

And also, I’ve caught the Breaking Bad virus. Three more episodes. Only just saw this trailer – what a wonderful show with such paratexts.

1603, 2013

Top 10 Enlightened Resources

My suggestion for a Enlightened-fan’s survival kit on the internet. (HBO’s TV show Enlightened, that is). It really is a remarkable show, as has been said many times. Most often, unique, different and dreamy things tend to get downtrodden very quickly in the current media industry. But “Enlightened” is still fighting, it is still alive and could really be saved, for just a short time longer.

So where to go after watching Season 2’s brilliant finale? How to hold on to that strange, hopeful, magical feeling just a bit longer? Here are 10 suggestions how Enlightened-fans can enjoy the show with […]

1303, 2013

May The Hummingbirds Stay With Us

What would be kind of the opposite to Walter White from Breaking Bad? Well, Amy Jellicoe from HBO’s Enlightened would be a very good guess.

She is what Emily Nussbaum introduces as one of a new television archetype: The Hummingbird. Nussmbaum describes this fairly new character (the ‘Ur-Hummingbird’ being Diane from Cheers) with Sue Heck from “The Middle” as an example:
“With her braces and lank hair, Sue is a geek, but not in a cute way. In science class, she designs an experiment to prove that smiles are contagious. Instead, people shy away from her deranged, over-enthusiastic grin—only when she messes […]

703, 2013

Top ten current TV shows

As I wrote yesterday, no blog about TV shows without a personal top ten list on current TV shows. Before I start, a disclaimer: I’m freakishly interested in a loooot of different shows, worrysome is how many of them I feel passionately about. That means that even a top fifty list would be very difficult for me to write – and more importantly, it is nothing more than a ‘snapshot’ of what I think right now. If I start rewatching The Wire, for instance, it will imediately go up to number one. And if I then return to Breaking Bad […]

2802, 2013

It’s going to be… legen — DARY

This new blog is going to be legen–waitforit–dary. It’s my first post. I’m going to try to reference a tv-show as often as I can. And since I’ve started with kind of an obvious one (it’s a reference to a certain CBS sitcom. I’m thinking you know it already?), I’m off to an easy start.

I’ve always wondered why they (the producers of “How I Met Your Mother”) didn’t think they could introduce the mother a bit earlier. Part of “meeting” someone is for that someone to transform from a stranger to a love interest to the mother of one’s children.. […]


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