This new blog is going to be legen–waitforit–dary. It’s my first post. I’m going to try to reference a tv-show as often as I can. And since I’ve started with kind of an obvious one (it’s a reference to a certain CBS sitcom. I’m thinking you know it already?), I’m off to an easy start.

I’ve always wondered why they (the producers of “How I Met Your Mother”) didn’t think they could introduce the mother a bit earlier. Part of “meeting” someone is for that someone to transform from a stranger to a love interest to the mother of one’s children.. But I’m not neccesarily complaining – it’s a “cult thing” now, how ridiculously thourough he (Ted) is in his story.

It leaves one anxious question though: how could anything at all possibly live up to all that legend-making hype? No matter who the mother is going to be: how could she ever be anything else, besides a disappointment? Expectations suck. But we’ll see, though.