This blog is now – I think at least – very sleek and stylish looking. Waaay too stylish. Which doesn’t go well with me at all, I like when something’s a bit off, a bit crooked, lumpy at the edges. But of course, what I don’t like is to redesign a blog template from scratch – it would definitely be crooked and waaaay off, but it would also not work very well, most likely. So I’m using the freebie wordpress theme “Tetris”. It’s nice. And in deed very sleek looking. I changed the background to something a bit more “Ifoundthisatthebackofmyclosety”. (From, which is undisputably cool). And I might change much more (so if you’re reading this, looking at the blog and seeing no resemblance of sleek – you know what happened.).

Anyway, this theme comes with an even more sleek looking slider. I will certainly need to “nerdy it up” before I can really use it. But that’s the thing. I’d have to fill it up with stills from the TV Shows I love and hope to write academically and not-so-academically about. (I’ll do a top list in a different post, I think, as a manner of introduction. It does say freakishly much about me, and I about them.)

But I’m not sure about the rights. When can I show a picture from which show, without commiting a “cybercrime”? (Which reminds me I have to write a tribute post to Aaron Schwartz – there are things that should simply not be called crimes. But that’s a whole other story.). I don’t know the rules about using pictures from tv shows yet, and in case I might get a visitor to this site one day, I’m too much of a wuss to not want to follow them (the rules).

In other words: until I do figure out what the rules are (and a 5 min google search is probably enough, I reckon), you are stuck with three kinds of pictures: taken by me, drawn by me on the iPad, and embedded YouTube videos. The latter, of course, being the most tolerable. But since this still just a bit to stylish looking for my taste, what better way to mess it up than to upload a drawing made by me?

I should add that I very much suck at drawing. I have no training in it. I did it in kindergarten and then stopped. If it looks messy enough to be the kind of really really cool pictures striving for authenticity by being explicitly not cool, well, it’s not that. But it is authentic. And it certainly makes my new homepage look a lot less corporate-like, no?

(Since I’ve mentioned some web design stuff already, I might as well also share my amasement with the app (iDraw, really expensive!) I used to make the drawing. You can draw or write really anything on the ipad and export it as svg, to be further edited in illustrator for instance. To become, say, a new handwritten logo. Or something webdesigny. Look at the drawings they present on the iDraw-website! Mine are waay better.)