1004, 2013

On not “just doing it” – procrastination

Procrastination is something most students suffer from at one point or another. It is sitting at your desk and feeling your heart pump – without actually doing anything. It is having all sorts of emotions, many of them positive, about the new book on your favorite topic – without actually reading it. It is getting a rush from creating the ultimate semester plan, complete with a perfect calendar – without actually using it. It is sensing something is wrong with you because you neglect that painful Nike slogan: you don’t “just do it”. But you want to. And so it […]

2303, 2013

Go To Class

Do you know Coursera yet? It’s a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) company that provides a huge amount of online courses to a huge amount of students worldwide, all free. Sort of like iTunes University but with some brilliant advantages: it is interactive, with weekly quizzes, sometimes peer-reviews, exams. Students who successfully complete a class will in most cases receive a certificate signed by the instructor.

And it’s growing fast – as of February 2013 Coursera already cooperated with 62 different universities.

I have enrolled in a ridicoulessly huge amount of classes. The structure and schedule is helpful to make sure you […]


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