My suggestion for a Enlightened-fan’s survival kit on the internet. (HBO’s TV show Enlightened, that is). It really is a remarkable show, as has been said many times. Most often, unique, different and dreamy things tend to get downtrodden very quickly in the current media industry. But “Enlightened” is still fighting, it is still alive and could really be saved, for just a short time longer.

So where to go after watching Season 2’s brilliant finale? How to hold on to that strange, hopeful, magical feeling just a bit longer? Here are 10 suggestions how Enlightened-fans can enjoy the show with help from The Internet. Since I love reading top 10 lists, and since they are appearently trending (some day I’ll write a top 10 best top 10 list list). The obvious option: Re-watching Enlighted again and again on HBO Go goes without mention…

What are your favourite Enlightened resources? I’d really love some tips in the comments below.


10. “Please Renew Enlightened”’s analysis of the show, formed as a big plea to renew it.


9. Interview With Mike White, WTF Podcast

The interviews with Mike White are really fascinating – he often says something unexpected. And of course, no better way to treat the abstinences than with the words of the show’s creator himself. Listen here.


8. The Sad Story And Trial Of A Real-Life Whistleblower

Bradley Manning is sort of a real-life male version of Amy Jellicoe, who didn’t take on The Corporation but The Military – and they are really pissed. He is looking at life-time enprisonment. Look at Democracy Now’s on-going coverage.





7. The Corporation

Great documentary (and online resource) about “The Corporation” – the many Abadonns in real life. Get more info here.


6. “TV’s Most Tragic Heroine”

Great article about Amy and the show’s unique sadness, by The author, Margeret Lyons, fittingly describes Enlightened as “a haunting fable of the limits of good intentions“:

“Once upon a time, there was a woman named Amy, and she really tried. But it didn’t matter at all.”


5. “Year Of The Dog”

“Year Of The Dog” is Mike White’s very own movie – written and dirrected by him and also starring Molly Shannon, Laura Dern. It’s different, but the voice and the mood is familiar, and a great way to save yourself from a complete cold turkey.





4. The Hummingbird Theory

Emily Nussbaum’s excellent Hummingbird Theory (I’ve also mentioned it here) which is as hopeful, optimistic and slightly desperate as Amy Jellicoe herself.


3. The Huffington Post Coverage

The Huffington Post’s TV critic Maureen Ryan’s comprehensive coverage on Enlightened – including what we can expect when (yes, I said when, I choose optimism) we get a season three.


2. Entire NPR Fresh Air Podcast With Mike White

Remarkable interview and 37 minutes of Mike Whiteisms. Quite funny (Mike White really didn’t like to discuss the sound of his first kissing scene with Molly Shannon, for instance.)


1. Twitter! @EnlightenedFans

Follow @EnlightenedFans and visit tumblr to get updates on the hopeful but desperate struggle to get another season. And if you tweet yourself (@HBO #renew #Enlightened), who knows – it might just make a difference?